Saturday, July 18, 2009


Monkey has had this obsession with poop as of late, or at least talking about poop. 'I poop on your head.' has become his favorite little quip. I didn't mind so much until he started telling the check out lady at Walmart, the waitress at the catfish joint, and so on. I started trying to curve this poop talk. I explained that we can only talk about poop when we are talking about actually going poop in the potty. He understood this quite well and started saying, 'I don't poop on your head I poop in the potty, but can put it on your head.' Okay, plan B. Now I tell Monkey he can only talk about poop if he really needs to go poop, but after a few days of lots of sitting on the pot when he didn't need to go so he could talk about poop I changed to plan C.

I decided that in the spirit of a true homeschool mom we were going to go with it. So I have officially started a poop study with Monkey. I had a book that my mother-in-law brought me called, 'Who pooped in the Park?' from Yellowstone National Park. It is all about tracking animals by their poop, and learning about their nature through their scat. My brother sent me the website WHO POOPED? at just the right time, which my son has gotten endless enjoyment out of. We have also studied our bodies, how God created them just perfect, and God's perfect plan for poop-yeah it really is His perfect plan. We have even talked about the story of Elijah in 1 Kings 18:27 where Elijah taunting the prophets of Baal asks if he is preoccupied, which some say should be translated, 'is your god sitting on the pot-going poop?' (go here forward to -13:20, good stuff).

It worked, we are still talking about poop, but our talk has become a little more sophisticated than pooping on peoples heads.

Friday, July 10, 2009


I have been reading this book called 'How to Really Love Your Child.' By D. Ross Campell, M.D.

It is a great book, more about parenting instead of just discipline. You know how it is, every book on 'parenting' is really on how to discipline your kids, but we all know there is more right? Well, this book focuses on the more, the how to show your kids love. It is a book that has come highly recommend to me by mother's I hold in high regard. I would recommend it, it really is an excellent book. This blog isn't actually about the book however.

I am reading this book and come upon this sentence in regard to using harsh tones with our children, 'We are truly setting up ourselves and the child for horrific problems in the future.' I read this and literally shut the book, and thought 'There it is. Proof I am doing a horrific job. Just what I thought all along.' It took me about a day to walk, and talk, through this. This was self condemnation, it wasn't from anyone else, it wasn't the authors intent, and it certainly wasn't from the Lord. It is so hard for me not to feel guilty 100% of the time about what I could be doing as a mother. I am not a horrific mother, but I do have room for improvement. This is hard for me, looking at my weaknesses without over focusing on them. Jesus didn't do this did he? Over focus I mean. He said, 'Go and sin no more.' No judgment, just a simple, 'Great you figured out your problem, now stop."

So here is your reminder that God's grace is big enough to cover motherhood, because I needed one recently:
'He tends is flock like a shepherd: He gathers the lambs in his arms and carries them close to his heart: He gently leads those that have young.' Isaiah 40:11

Thursday, July 9, 2009


We went to Disneyland last month, it was incredible. We love Disney man, I mean we LOVE IT! There were 14 of us altogether, 7 adults 7 children. We went a few years ago for my mother's 60th birthday, and this year since my brother and his family are moving (go here to learn more), my parents and other brother took us all for a big trip. I can't tell you how blessed I am to have a family that all loves hanging out, we have so many laughs, jokes, and good times. This is what I will miss the most about my brother's family moving. I have to share a few pictures, what kinda mom would I be if I didn't? :)This is my family in front of the castle, notice the man who up until 2 years ago refused to go to Disney sporting the Mickey ears. Love ya Babe!

Cousins making memories!

Love this picture! More cousins making memories!

I totally got sick on the teacups this year, which stinks. I kept saying, 'I don't feel really good, I don't feel good.' To which my empathetic husband says, 'Oh you will be fine.' as he continues to turn that teacup as fast as he can. My sweet son Monkey says, 'You better slow down Dad, you better slow down.' with his little face plastered against the inside of the teacup. Good stuff! :)

Smiley in the stroller, loving life. You are never to young to love Disney!

I love that my girls will go straight from this...

to this! Never to old to be a princess at Disney!

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

The Pacifier

I take Smiley for his two year old well child check up a week ago (and he actually stayed well after the well child-miracle!). My Dr. is asking about his speech, which certainly isn't ahead of the game, but mom isn't really concerned over yet. She tells me she thinks I need to take the pacifier away.

"Yeah, I am not going to do that." I reply.

She gives me a somewhat stunned look, which kinda shocks me because I know not every mom follows her advice to a t, but I assume they all smile and say okay and then just defiantly disobey the pediatricians advice.
"It's really time, I did it when my daughter turned two." Dr. urges me.
"Yeah, you have one kid this is my third, a bit longer with the pacifier isn't really a big deal to me. He will loose it eventually." I stand my ground.
"Hmm, when do you think a good time is?" She replies
"I was thinking like 3. I don't mind limiting it before then though." I am now bartering for my child's pacifier.
"Okay, only at bedtimes, don't offer it to him, and we both agree by 3 right? But if he seems to be weaning before then I expect you to take advantage of that and get rid of it sooner, agreed?" Dr. counters.
"Agreed, as long as we aren't switching anything else like beds, potty training, new sibling, etc. Agreed." She just laughs at me.
Smiley, you owe me one.

Monday, July 6, 2009

Training what?

Spunky's body is a lot like mine was at her age, long and lean. This means we have two options, wear clothes to short-not good, or wear things long enough but a little loose on top. I guess there is a third option, but that would entail me figuring out how to read a pattern and thread a machine-as much as I admire those of you who do this-that is not going to happen anytime soon. So we go with the fit in length, but run a little loose on top option. This hasn't been an issue until this year, when she was wearing a few sundresses and I started thinking they seemed a bit inappropriate. Unable to put my finger on exactly what was making me feel it was inappropriate, I decided she needed to start wearing a cami, or tank underneath some things. The girl however is notoriously hot no matter what, and this was making her sweat a little to much. I decide what she needed was a half under tank top.

We go to the undie, undershirt section at Walmart, scouring the aisle for the 'half under tank top' section. There isn't one. Spunky pulls out a package with a picture of a girl wearing exactly what I am picturing as a half under tank top, and says 'this mom?' With a sweat little grin that makes that dimple look like the grand canyon. I look at the picture, 'Yeah that is it, where did you find them?' Spunky replies, 'In the training bra section!' That can't be, no not my baby girl, that is not what I am looking for, no...I did NOT come to Walmart to buy a training bra, no sir-where in the world is the HALF UNDER TANK TOP section!?!?!?!

Apparently, I went to Walmart to buy a training bra.

After a long lecture on how she didn't really need a training bra, and how she didn't have to wear it under everything, and how we were really only buying them as half under tank tops..I stopped myself and realized I was screwing this whole moment up. No matter why we were buying them, we were buying them, and I wanted to celebrate with her. I quickly changed gears, gave her a hug, and asked if she was excited. She replied 'YES!' I told her how exciting I thought it was she was growing up, how proud I was of her and the little lady she was becoming, how not just her body was changing but how I could see mature changes in her spirit, and attitude. We paid, then rushed over to where her daddy was working to show him. He handled it like a champ-a little unnerved, but told her what a beautiful princess she is none the less.

One down, many more to come.

I'll have Fruit Loops

'Time for lunch', Me. 'Ummm, I'll have Fruit Loops!' Monkey 'Me, Me, Me' Smiley (this is pretty much his response to anything Monkey says).

Some days I feel like giving up the food battle, and just dishing out the Fruit Loops for 3 meals a day. I mean, there are green loops right? Never mind that I don't even buy Fruit Loops, or much other junk for that matter, it is a battle in my house at every meal. If not Monkey, then Spunky is upset. Today it was that she saw me sweetening her oatmeal with Agave Nectar instead of sugar, something I have been doing for months now under radar. Once she sees it however it is all over. She ate Annie's Mac and Cheese for a year before she discovered I had shunned the Kraft. She was LOVING it, eating it all up and begging for more, until she saw I had switched. She hasn't ate it without complaint for a few years now-and it just isn't worth the argument for me, so no mac and cheese in the house.

The lady I get my veggie co-op from gives her kids a salad every meal, they have to eat it before anything else. I ask her how she does it and she tells me if I give my kids no other options then they will eat it. I ask her if any of her kids have ever thrown up on their plates from her making them eat something. I get a strange look and shake of the head no. Feeling oddly relieved I think, 'Well then don't tell me what my kids will or won't do until you have cleaned off a dinner plate full of puke, okay?'

I want to feed my family healthy, I would LOVE it if my kids ate veggies all the time. I have made many a change, grinding my own wheat, no sugar cereals, Agave Nectar to sweeten, venison for red meat, flax seed daily, fruit smoothies for snacks, but sometimes feel so stressed under the burden of healthy eating. I am just trying to find a balance for us. Good healthy food I can feel good about feeding my children, but not getting so caught up in the 'health' craze that I am stressing out all the time.

Still, I might just crack and buy a bag of Fruit Loops next time I am at the store. Do they have organic Fruit Loops?

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

New blog

Man I miss you guys. Between stomach viruses and computer problems, I haven't been able to blog in a while. I'm afraid I am going to have to bounce you again today...seeing how this computer could shut me out at any moment. Check out my brother's new blog HERE! Him and his family are preparing to move to Rwanda next stuff!

Pray my computer gets fixed, I have to many blogs jumbling up this little head of mine! Well, I am off to wipe poop, the story of an RNmom.